Celtic Jewelry

Why You Should Consider Celtic Jewelry

Why You Should Consider Celtic Jewelry

We the Claddagh Ring Jewelry company explain this in simple and informative manner to help you make a decision.  Celtic art and culture date back as far as the 8th century B.C.  Celtic Knot work makes the best known style of Celtic design. The intertwined patterns of never-ending lines appealed to the Celts. This symbolizing their ideas of eternal life and the intricate relationship of humanity with both the divine and the natural worlds.

When the design of the jewelry is ancient traditions influenced like Celtic jewelry, it will never go out of style. Much of the jewelry created centuries ago, and influenced by religion, remains adaptable to new and different styles.

Celtic jewelry is now offered in the mainly traditional style or a modern interpretation of decorated with Cubic Zirconia and design combined with other ancient concept to further enhance the look without altering the meaning. Celtic jewelry has many popular designs that people are very happy to be wearing and is available to buy in Precious Metal Gold or Silver.

When you wear Celtic style jewelry, whether it‘s Celtic Ring, Celtic Pendant, Celtic Bracelet, Celtic Earrings, Celtic Cross and so on, you’re tapping into a very old tradition, as these designs have been around for quite a few centuries. The Celts began creating jewelry out of silver and gold in the early Christian era, and examples of their work can still be found in museums today. Manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells, which is currently at the Trinity College in Ireland, had designs in them made famous by Irish monks. Celtic zoomorphic designs, knotwork and spirals that used to be used can now be found in Celtic jewelry that can be purchased online or in your local jewelry shop or online store. There are people who just like the designs because of how they look, and others like the history of these designs and strong meaning behind.

Another symbol that is typically linked with Ireland is the shamrock, taken from the white clover, a plant which has three leaves. Every Saint Patrick’s day people, especially of Irish descent, show off shamrocks, since legends teach that Saint Patrick brought the shamrock to Ireland.

Celtic jewelry, with the shamrock, is important for more than Saint Patrick’s day. Shamrocks are worn by many people around their neck as a pendant.

Being affordable, along with having appealing designs, is why so many people like Celtic jewelry. This is not, of course, always the case, as you can find very expensive gold pieces made with precious stones. However, the essential aspect of Celtic jewelry is in the design, and this can be made into simple and inexpensive items that are nevertheless quite beautiful.

Maybe it won’t be the best quality, but Celtic designs can be found on inexpensive pieces of jewelry, such as costume jewelry. Gold is beyond the price a lot of people can afford, but quite often sterling silver is just right, so use it with your Celtic designs. We bring you Gold and Silver Celtic Jewellery at wholesale prices to suit everybody‘s budget without compromising the quality.

When you start exploring the world of Celtic jewelry, you realize how many possibilities there are. With the many designs that can be found with Celtic jewelry, you can wear something that has an exotic as well as fascinating look, but can also be simple. When you are looking for jewelry, what you like will determine what you look for. But Celtic knotwork and other designs of this tradition can be made into jewelry that’s appropriate for just about any purpose.

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