Silver Claddagh Wedding Ring-SCL43CL

Silver Claddagh Wedding Ring-SCL43CL

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Silver Claddagh Wedding Ring with Celtic Knot

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The history of Claddagh is not a marketplace of vanities but a whimsical and vivid manifestation of culture and Irish tradition.
Claddagh remains the embodiment of its heritage and best the confirmation of its charm is the fact that it’s talked about and appreciated so much.
In This Claddagh Wedding Ring Claddagh jeweler created the new look which revolutionizes the concept of Claddagh Jewellery and restored elegance to its rightful place by being Bold yet traditional making this Claddagh Wedding Band an Ideal piece of Irish Jewelry for both Man and Woman.

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9ct Yellow Gold

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J (4-¾), K (5-¼), L (5-¾), M (6-¼), N (6-¾), O (7-¼), P (7-¾), Q (8-¼), R (8-¾), S (9-¼), T (9-¾), U (10-¼), V (10-¾), W (11-¼), X (11-¾), Y (12¼), Z (12½)


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