Claddagh Bracelet - CLB31CL

Claddagh Bracelet – CLB31CL

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9ct Gold Claddagh Bracelet

Item Code: CLB31CL

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True luxury is only meaningful when deeply rooted with tradition. Buy this 9ct Gold Claddagh Bracelet if you are looking for that perfect gift for a perfect occasion for your special Irish someone?  The inspiration Irish Jeweller show demonstrates the extent to which Irish Jeweller genius and creativity can draw inspiration.
In this Claddagh Braceletet Irish jeweller interpretated the concept Claddagh faithfully and decorated it with Micro Pave stone setting to further enhance this Bracelet. Respecting tradition and being audacious must always go hand in hand and this Claddagh Bracelet eveidently and elegantly demonstrated. 
With beautiful detailing, this Ladies Claddagh Bracelet is crafted from 9K Gold by Irish Jeweller in Ireland.  With the design of the claddagh deeply rooted in Irish tradition this Claddagh Bracelet is a fine representation of one of the world’s most beloved and easily recognized symbols of ‘enduring love’. The meaning, significance and history of the claddagh have a rich ancient past that dates back to over 500 years. The claddagh is a heart encircled by pair of delicate hands with a crown above the heart. The hands of the claddagh symbolize friendship, the heart love, and the crown loyalty.  The claddagh has a rich heritage and will surely be appreciated for years to come.
This Claddagh Bracelet measures 7.5″ in length.

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